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Shop in true Arab style at Dubai Souks

Dubai souks are located in Deira and . The two predominant areas are separated by the Dubai Creek. Shoppers can hop on to the abras or small boats if they want to visit souks on the other side of Creek. Over the years, the goods traded at the Dubai souks have evolved and changed. Now you find commodities like gold, textiles, spices, perfumes and even fisheries.

Who ever imagined an entire market place just for spices! Well there’s not one, but several of them and is one of the most exotic Dubai souks. The spice souks are located opposite the gold souks in Deira and are a paradise for food lovers. You can purchase fresh spices and have them packed in quaint little pouches. This makes your experience a little more authentic. The perfume souks are situated on the Sikkat Al Khail Street, Dubai. Unlike other perfume stores, these Dubai souks have a spicy aroma emanating from them. You can purchase traditional fragrances as well as custom made scents which complement your skin type and your personality.