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The management of the Dubai Zoo was taken over by the Dubai Municipality in 1971. Then from May 1986 to May 1989, part of it was redesigned and rebuilt. From June 1989 until today, there has been multiple re-designing initiatives and renovations.

The present modern facilities in the Dubai zoo are the small houses sheltering many indigenous Arabian species, including the endangered Arabian Wolf, Gordon's Wildcat, and the world's only captive breeding colony of Socotra Cormorants. These are among the countless attractions in the zoo.

Also in the large aviary are regional birds of prey with the nine species of large cats and seven species of primates on show, along with many Arabian mammals. Nonetheless, the zoo needs to undergo relocation and redevelopment so that animals can live in areas designed to be as similar to their natural environment as possible. Some of the Arabian species in the zoo that need such natural sanctuary are the gazelle, hyena, wild cat, flamingo, buzzards, vultures, snakes, cormorant, foxes, wolves, herons, skunks, gulls, eagles, caracal and lizards.