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Dubai Henna Painting

In the Middle East, special events are marked by women by the painting of their hands, wrists and feet with Henna. This ceremonial painting can be traced back as far as the 7th Century BC, and continues to rise in popularity to this day.

This practice actually has roots throughout Arabia, India and the Mediterranean, and is becoming increasingly trendy in North America as well. While visiting Dubai, visitors will notice many women with these beautiful designs on their feet, and it can be a fun experience to have a henna design painted on yourself.

Most beauty salons around town will do henna painting, and many have a number of intricate designs that can be chosen. Just keep an eye out for signs with painted hands on them, as these signify an establishment that does henna work. The process is usually quite quick, as the henna artists are fast and practiced at their craft. Often the skin is cleaned first, the henna is applied with a tube-like applicator, and then sealed with lemon juice. Sometimes the designs will also be wrapped in absorbent cloth or tissue so that perspiration will not make the designs run. After it dries for a few hours, it will crack off, leaving the skin beneath stained for up to three weeks