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Self Catering Dubai provides you Quality Service & Excellent Support

We treat all information you provide us with as confidential. Read our Privacy Statement.

Selfcateringdubai Tourism collects information about its customers both during the order process and as customers navigate the following websites :

The information provided by customers during the ordering process such as their name, physical address, email address, and payment information is considered private, and Selfcateringdubai  will not sell this personal information to third parties.

This information will be used to process your order and deliver it to you in a timely fashion. In addition, Selfcateringdubai reserves the right to contact existing customers regarding store specials and other significant events.

Opt-Out Provided

Selfcateringdubai  will provide existing customers with the opportunity to "opt-out" or choose to be removed from future mailings from Selfcateringdubai. Opt-out information will be included with any non-personal or non-essential message sent to prior customers. You may also Opt-Out by sending an email to requesting that you be removed from certain types of future mailings.

A personal or essential message is one that would relate directly to the particular customer's order.